Strategic Objectives

Early age neutering


The Department of Surgery, Onderstepoort provided the following recommended guidelines for sterilization of animals in the case of Animal Welfare Organisations:

minimum age of 6-8 weeks;
cases of cryptorchidism should not be included;
animals should not be starved for more than 4-6 hours before the procedure;
animals should be fed 1-2 hours after the procedure to prevent hypoglycaemia;
special consideration during the post-operative period including keeping the animals warm;
animals should be vaccinated and dewormed prior to sterilization (stress induces disease);
anaesthetic should be safe and rapid-the following drugs recommended:

(a) propofol induction with fluothane maintenance

(b) fluothane induction and maintenance

(c) ketamine 10 mg/kg + ACP0.05 mg/kg 1/m

identification (see infra.)

Veterinarians in private practice are required to use their discretion when a decision in this regard is to be made.

(Published -December 1997)

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