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New legislation (One Government Gazette Notice including the CCS Regulations, Regulations for Suspensions, Inspections and Appeals and the New Rules for the Veterinary Profession)

Determination of costs recoverable for inquiries


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Members of the veterinary and para-veterinary professions are requested to please get involved and note:

  • The concept of " One World, One Health" indicates that the world has awakened to the link between animal diseases and public health.  "It has long been known that  60% of known infectious diseases are common to humans and animals (whether domestic or wild); 75% of recent emerging human diseases came from animals and 80% of the pathogens that could potentially be used in bioterrorism are zoonotic.  It is also known that human populations need a regular diet of protein particularly from milk, eggs or meat, and that a deficiency can also be a public health problem..." 
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  African Buffalo: A major eco-tourism attraction but also a carrier of serious diseases




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