Independent Veterinary Shops

The South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) and Council agreed to the SAVA guidelines for independent veterinary shops. Guidelines for advertising services and products available from these shops will be communicated to the profession in due course.

- The owner of a shop must be a veterinarian;

-The staff employed within the shop must be adequately and appropriately trained and qualified to offer a service to the public becoming of a veterinary establishment;

- Veterinary and Para-Veterinary supervision of such shops is essential;

Please note that it is illegal to sell any drugs registered in terms of Act 101/ 65 through such an outlet i.e. schedule 1 through schedule 7 because then the shop is trading as a pharmacy (this includes vaccines);

-All "ethical" products labeled " for use by or under the control of a veterinarian" in terms of Act 36/47 should not be sold on the premises unless a veterinarian is present at all times; and

- All other " over the counter "  products registered under Act 36/47 can be sold freely and without restrictions.

(Published- December 1998)


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