01 August 2016- 31 July 2019


Dr John Adam (Chairperson)


Sr T Lötter

Dr A Erasmus

Dr CP Marwick

A SAVA nomination- Small Animal Practitioner, to be co-opted

A SAVA nomination -Large Animal Practitioner, to be co-opted


Inspections Committee Terms of Reference (TOR)

  1. The Inspections Committee will meet regularly to address the workload when, and as required;
  2. The Chairperson and two co-opted members may meet to decide on matters pertaining to facilities;
  3. The Committee will:
  • Review the minimum standards for facilities and Veterinary Shops (“Vetshop” is a registered Trademark registered in the name of the SAVA and cannot be used without permission of the SAVA), before submitting their recommendations to Council for approval. Each Committee member will be allocated a specific section of the said standards to review, where after all inputs will be integrated before submission;
  • Assess and evaluate applications received from registered members to act as inspectors for routine inspections. It will further identify members for ad hoc inspections (All new Inspectors will have to attend a training session conducted by experienced Inspectors, as well as identify registered professionals who can assist in the training of the new Inspectors). It was further proposed that all Committee members attend such a training session in order for the Committee to have the same experience and to communicated thus from the same point of reference;
  • Evaluate standards of practice by assessing the self-evaluation reports submitted by the principals of facilities which are not compliant with the normal requirements (clinical practice, diagnostic and research laboratories, abattoirs) and reports submitted by the inspectors. Where there are deficiencies, the Committee will communicate those shortcomings to the principals of such facilities and make recommendations on how the situation should be addressed;
  • Evaluate applications for exemption from compliance with the minimum standards for facilities and veterinary shops;
  • The Committee will negotiate and deliberate on the standards for facilities to be used for Compulsory Community Service;
  • Decide on the appropriate naming of facilities which do not comply with the naming guidelines as prescribed, with the sole purpose to avoid conflict in the profession; and

Make recommendations to Council on the minimum standards for veterinary facilities, the accreditation of facilities, applications for exemptions, and the appointment of inspectors to ensure that high standards of facilities in the profession are maintained.


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