Investigation Committee

01 August 2013- 31 Jul 2016
Dr Glen Carlisle (Chairperson)

Dr BM Modisane-State Veterinary Services
Dr Riaan Mulder-Large Animal Practitioner
Dr Mark Verseput-Small Animal Practitioner

The Committee screens complaints lodged with Council.  These complaints are evaluated with the replies received from the respondents against whom complaints were lodged. The committee, after scrutiny of complaints , inter alia recommends that a formal inquiry should be held, that there were no grounds for a complaint, that a decision could not be made on the information submitted and that further information should be obtained; or acts in terms of Rule 35 (5) of the rules.

The Chairpersons of all committees are members of Council

Members with relevant expertise are co-opted onto the committee as and when required.

Inquiries: Inquiry Body

Chairperson: Council member

The tribunals for Council inquiries are constituted of the Chairperson who is a member of Council and one other Council member or member who served previously and two private practitioners or members relevant to the case

Ad hoc prosecutors are currently appointed by Council in terms of Section 32 (2) of the Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professions Act to act as the pro forma complainants at Council inquiries and leads the evidence on behalf of the Council at these inquiries.