The South African Veterinary Council regulates the practising of the veterinary and para-veterinary professions and the registration of persons practising such professions. Council exercises effective control over professional conduct, determines the standards of professional conduct and encourages and promotes efficiency in and responsibility with regard to the practising of these professions. Council protects the interests of the veterinary and para-veterinary professions and maintains and enhances the prestige, status, dignity and integrity of the professions. Council advises the Minister in relation to any matter affecting these professions.

The role of the veterinary and para-veterinary professions in the economic subsistence of the Agricultural and Health Sectors of South Africa dare not be underestimated and therefore the importance placed on the effective regulation of these professions is vitally important to the South African community.

The South African Veterinary Council is a statutory body, referred to as the Council and is constituted as follows:

Term of office 1 August 2013 - 31 July 2016

Six members elected in the prescribed manner:

Dr J R Adam

Dr G A P Carlisle

Dr A P de Vos

Dr C Marwick

Dr P Oberem

Dr JA Pretorius

Five members selected by the Minister of Agriculture:

Dr A Banderker

Dr Z Majokweni

Dr RS Mphuthi

Dr C Nkuna

Dr L Motjope (non veterinarian)

One representative designated by the South African Veterinary Association:

Dr J van Heerden

One representative of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, U.P. designated by the Minister of Agriculture

Prof V Naidoo

One member who is an officer of the Department of Agriculture and a registered veterinarian or specialist designated by the Minister

Dr B R Ntshabele

One member designated by the Minister on account of his/her knowledge of law:

Adv D Block

One member elected by each of the following professions:

The Veterinary Nurses :

Sr T Lötter

The Veterinary Technologists:

Mr J J Müller

The Laboratory Animal Technologists:

Mr C Bester

Animal Health Technicians:

Mr J Oosthuizen

Members may contact the administration directly at Tel: 27(12) 342 1612 Fax: 27 (12) 342 4354 should they wish to submit any proposals for updating of the Code of Conduct and Practice for Veterinarians.


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